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Welcome to swopmarket, the exciting new way to trading your old things for new one. Trade when you want and where you want with our mobile app.

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What is Swop Market

Swopmarket is a market place designed to make your life easier and stretch your budgets further. We designed this app to help families and individuals exchange things they no longer needed for things they want.

what is swopmarket

The market place is available 24 hours a day in your pocket, convenient for at home or travelling. Listing your old items is easy; take a picture, give a description, value and preferred delivery and then list. It is as simple as that! We take the pain out of listing by making things simple.

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You get a choice of swopping items you no longer want, for items that take your fancy. We make it happen for you by connecting you to other people in the market, all in one place. If you don't want to swop and simply want to sell, no problems, you can list your item and put it up for sale within three swipes. We will help you sell your item and collect your cash from the buyer too. Working with our partner PayPal, We take the hassle out of the transaction for you.

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